Danni's philosophy on life as we know it


 Why did you make this site?

      I was gettting really tired of people calling themselves ugly. I log onto facebook and these girls are spamming my newsfeed on how "ugly" they are. I was getting tired of turning on the TV and finding five hundred and one ads on how to become more pretty through makeup and surgeries. I was tired of models flaunting their skinny bodies and perfect (photoshopped?) skin around making girls and women trial themselves to extreme to reach that kind of "beauty." So I decided to make an announcement to the world. "HELLO WORLD- ALL OF YOU OUT THERE ARE GORGEOUS. K. BYE."

Who are you trying to reach?

     Whose reading this site? Thats a question for an answer.

What is your goal?

     To go on my facebook and not have girls post how ugly they are is step one. Step two is to encourage the world that beauty is not all makeup and diets.

What is this site looking forward to having?

     Book suggestions, health tips, exersize routines, daily help, goals.... Eh I'll think of more later ;)

What is your goal for this site?

     Well let me be honest: I will be overjoyed to have this site become famous and appear on Special K cereal boxes and have Oprah talk about it... But what really is important is to have at least a few people inspired by it.