Danni's philosophy on life as we know it

Well you said you were ugly so-



...Well if you didn't get that, I need you to read that bit over again...

...Done? Ok good, we can continue.

Never in my years of exsistance have I met someone ugly in appearance. I highly doubt I will. Actually- I can bet my life that there isn't one ugly person in this whole entire universe. You know why?

Take a wild guess, I dare you...

...Done guessing? Ok here is why:

We all have souls. We all have feelings. We all have features we hate. We all have features we love. We all have the power to laugh, smile and love. Inside everyone, is this little thing and as cheesy as it sounds- it's called love.

How can you call yourself ugly- when everyday, you live and breathe. There are many out there less fortunate than you, and yet you chose to stare in the mirror and call yourself that word.


How can you look in the mirror and see imperfections when there is a brain, heart and blood-containing the DNA of generation after generation of history-right inside you.


"If you see imperfections in a mirror than you are blind to the universe." -Danni Clare

Think about what that means. Go ahead. Think.

Well when I thought that quote 30 seconds before I wrote it, here is what I was thinking. Those who call themselves ugly. Who go on social networking sites and proclaim that thought- are MISSING OUT ON THE WORLD.

Beauty isn't everything. The world might seem like it is everything but it isn't.

People aren't lucky in many counties. Some people aren't lucky in this country. Do you think, the children forced to train for war in Darfur care about how "My eyes are too close together" or "My hair is so thick and frizzy." Do you think that a patient on life support cares about how "I'm breaking out today! EW!" or "My ears are too big!." Do you think, that all those who have suffered through war and poverty over history cared about being ugly and rejected by every guy in THEIR SCHOOL?

I doubt they did, because they were fighting a battle- not of beauty but of life.

And I bet if we could just look away from the mirror and look at the world. ON HOW THE WORLD VIEWS LIFE. Then you wouldn't feel so ugly. Because guess what?

You can breathe. And that deserves a thankyou for all those in history who made it possible.

You can think and love. And that makes you beautiful.

 So you're not on the cover of Vogue supporting a sequin dress and bouquet of roses, well, NEITHER AM I. And neither are the 6billion other people who aren't on that cover.

But you are beautiful. I bet someone out there thinks you are. I bet if you were to call up everyone in the world and ask them if you were beautiful, there will be some that will have the heart to say yes truthfully.

I know I would.

Beauty is more than just glitter and makeup. It's more than just beautiful skin. If you were Miss. Universe and you had a heart of ice, I bet nobody who wanted a heart to heart realationship with you would want one.

Our society has cast beauty as a much now and days. Malls and shops litter our country with "trends" and "fashion" that make us feel worthless without. Magazines and paparazzi fill the world with how perfect celebrities are making us feel ugly if we're not like them. Thinking bigger is the solution.

I bet most of America's teens will know who Cindy Crawford and Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are but only a small percentage will know who Muhammad Yunnus and Nelson Mandela and Liu Xiaobo. (Hint. Past Nobel Peace prize winners.)


So here I am starting my own revolution. A revolution proving what beauty really is.

And that revolution starts with you believing you're gorgeous. Wonderful. Loving. Beautiful.